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Ray Kurzweil for TIME Magazine.
©Ryan Schude

I love the pseudo-science aspect of cryonics. I also like how it seems a tad outdated. The overly digitized quality of this photo reeks of the 90’s to me. Is cryonics out of style? How can we make cryonics hip? Also: This is a photo titled “Birth” from the Alcor website. Do they mean the “birth” that occurs after your first original birth, and then after your death?


Life after death, for most people, is a faithful belief in a spiritual hereafter, a transfer to a higher, non-bodily consciousness. For cryonics enthusiasts, however, a “second life” – or more accurately, a resuscitated life with a little help from freezer storage – here on Earth is the goal.
The Prospect of Immortality is a six-year study by UK photographer Murray Ballard, who has traveled the world pulling back the curtain on the amateurs, optimists, businesses and apparatuses of cryonics.
More [including a giant, epic gallery of Ballard’s images!] @ Raw File.

Alien watcher by bubblenjb